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Modular Design
Easy Integration
High Speed and Accuracy
Up to 2500V DC
Up to 1000A DC
Remote Controllable
The MMCi test system is a modular test equipment for the electrical functional test of semiconductor devices. It provides the speed and accuracy needed for testing ICs and discrete devices (e.g. diodes, transistors, sensors...) in frontend or backend.

The MMCi is designed for the use in interaction with test handlers, wafer probers or at stand-alone test stations.

High reliability decreasing time and effort for maintenance.

The modularity, customization and reusability offers a wide range of applications by a low invest.

German technology based on longtime experiences in semiconducter testing, engineering and software development.


Modular design for easy expansion of the system by MMCi bus up to 128 TMOs

Integration to Handler via TTL, GPIB and TCP/IP
Test capability for single, continuous and parallel test

Connection to other measuring equipment via GPIB (LCR meter, CV meter, RF test equipment etc.)
Remote controllable by TCP/IP
Integrated diagnostic tools

User friendly GUI for easy operation and flexible programming
HV-SMU 2500V/30mA
Base Control Unit
Parallel-Modul 144bit I/O
Cooling Modul
SMU 300V/10A
PreDut Modul 16bit I/O
HC-SMU 50V/100A
Also available:
DUAL-SMU 160V/150mA
HC-SMU 50V/1000A
Concept Development:
DUAL-SMU 160V/150mA
Multiport-SMU, ninefold +17V/-5V, 50mA
Typical test time e.g.
Dual Diode 15 ms

Transistor 25 ms

IGBT 60 ms
MMCI (BCU Software)
MMCI is the interface for the user and allows displaying the measurement data, setting up the MMCi, debugging programs and controlling the functionality of the MMCi.
MMES is the development system for MMCi measurement program. The program can be created, edited, printed and transferred to the MMCi.

This software is for setting up and data management of the production lot, generating the datalog and output files, temporary summary for process view, printing the binning summary and creating wafer maps. Barcode scanner will be supported.

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